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The FUTURE of Sports Nutrition

We all know how rapidly the Fitness and sports Industry are turning into a different revolution. It is going through a phase where the Traditional way of eating and dieting is out of style and in its place, a more new age approach to food, exercise, and lifestyle. Maintaining your current fitness levels while managing a nutrition plan that compliments your lifestyle has been getting harder day by day. There has been an increase in demand for Sports Nutritionists who have knowledge on how to provide nutritional guidance to athletes. Athletes are also demanding more from their food sources with the rise of veganism and Paleo diets becoming mainstream. The training regimes have also become incredibly intensive, so this has created a large gap in the demand of Sports Nutritionists.

The sports nutrition market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 16% between 2015 and 2019. While demand for protein powders and energy drinks are more on the rise, the lack of good Sports Nutritionists are making it very difficult for people to get their diets right. There are many professionals who claim to be sports nutritionist since they have had some coaching or training hours on it but not everyone can provide what is required. A qualified Sports Nutritionist will know how to make you look better while also helping you perform better.

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